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Registration - MakeIcon 1.7


  1. Info to the registration
  2. I get what for my money?
  3. Registration
  4. Input of the code to the registration in the program


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Online-Registration (15 EUR)




1. Info to the registration

To the complete utilization of the program after the probation-area, it is necessary, that to have registered program.

The registration cost 15 EUR.

After the registration, they get one e-mail with the free-switch-code. This must be inputed in the program under the point "Registration". The code remains durably saved.

2. I get what for my money?

After the course of that, probation 30-meets, the program is only usable without registration with big restrictions. The following functions can after the registration further and are used with even bigger comfort.

  • Editing of icons with that all draw-functions is possible.
  • That settings of program-options is possible.
  • The button "Registration" is faded.
  • That, during the probation shown hints to the registration, is shown no longer. That makes possible a liquid for works.
  • If you liked, the program becomes regular, in time-distances wished by them, on available update tests.
  • Additional is usable the next major-update, version 2.0, for you completely. Then, the program is revised completely again again and with new functions equiped is.
  • If mistakes should have crept in in the program, these are delivered as Minor-Updates without again-y registration.


3. Registration


Request per internet - shipping per Mail

With Share-IT, they get the necessary user - and register -Code against a charge of 15.00 EUR immediately after payment per e-mail sent.

Click here please


4. Input of the Code

They could be registered, they get the free-switch-code.

Her comprises the statements to

  • User and
  • Code.

Both is to input in the dialogue "Registration" and to press the O.K.-button in the connection.

You reach the dialogue in the program, in which you click on the button .


You recognize whether they are registered at it that

  • the button no longer, one shows,
  • in the info-dialogue the ad to the Registration according to looks and the ad of the still existing probation missing is.
  • Furthermore, no hints are shown to the Registration and probation.

Mistakes with the input

If they determine, that nothing of the same has happened after input of the Registers, they have certainly inputted a wrong code and must repeat the process again.


Mistakes can originate through it that for example a zero instead of a " O " as well as turned back, is inputted or up- or low-letter is confused.

In most cases, the code is delivered for the registration per e-mail. It is commendable to copy users and code from the mail into the inter-storage in each case and to insert in the respective input-fields then.


One can do that in that one

  • the wished text-part in the Mail for example with the mouse marks
  • the feel-combination [Strg] and [Ins] operates
  • into the input-dialogue registration changes and
  • in the corresponding input-field the feel-combination [Shift] and [Ins] presses.



The Author: Jens Goepfert





file:version 1.7